Automatic ‘antagonistic behaviour’ recognition

Sea Lase system

WatchStander touchscreen display (6nm range setting with spotlights disarmed)

WatchStander’s software is the key to its effectiveness. The system software is so sophisticated that it assesses the behaviour of every track and automatically determines which ones are probably pirates.

If any observed vessel conforms to the known pattern of pirate pursuit behavior or aggression, the Master and crew are alerted by audible and visual alarms. An automated defensive response from WatchStander begins immediately.

Pirates on a suspicious vessel become aware that their progress is being minutely observed at a range of about two nautical miles, when WatchStander identifies the vessel as a potential threat.

Because WatchStander’s operation is fully automated, the ship’s crew can take cover in a citadel or other safe location while WatchStander helps defend the ship.

How It Works