Core Technology

The automated radar contact tracking, threat assessment, and measured response software that operates WatchStander is a commercial-grade adaptation of proven, mature technologies developed by the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at The Pennsylvania State University. The original technologies were developed over the past decade under sponsorship of the US Navy, and much is protected by a patent licensed exclusively to WatchStander.

Development and testing

It has been necessary to balance the urgent need for the WatchStander system to be brought into action against the need for careful scientific scrutiny and a robust field testing process. This has been achieved by following a spiral development model often used by ARL for its Government programmes.

On completion of the initial phases of development, tests were carried out on land to establish the functionality of the system, and these were followed by weeks of exhaustive on-water trials off the US east coast, under the watchful eye of an independent accreditation agency. Officials of the highly-respected ‘Flag Victor’ organisation have verified the system’s performance against its specified objectives.

How It Works