Installation and fitting

The WatchStander system is simple to install. Able electricians and fitters can comfortably install and test a system in approximately one working day. This can be undertaken by arrangement at any convenient port of call, minimising delay and down-time.


The amount of training required by a ship’s officers and crew is minimal. In effect, the system needs to be switched on and monitored from time to time. If WatchStander identifies a threat and sounds an alarm, the main objective for the Master, officers and crew will be to act in the interest of self-preservation. The system will automatically track and engage the attacker(s). When an attack is seen to have failed or the attackers have withdrawn out of the surveillance range, normal duties can be resumed. WatchStander will continue to provide defensive cover.

The primary training requirement will be in operating the “overrides? built into the Bridge Display Unit to allow the designated officer to override the system’s decisions.

Maintenance and safety

The system requires no maintenance beyond the normal skills of crew members. Currently available countermeasure choices require no reloading. When the countermeasures are activated, they will be directed toward the approaching craft. The system software prevents the system from using the countermeasures against the ship they are mounted on.