Disruptive, legal, non-lethal defense

Wrong-doers who put themselves in harm’s way hold a weak legal position, especially if they proceed with an attack in the face of ample warnings and strong countermeasures. WatchStander provides such warnings and ramps up its non-lethal countermeasures if an attack continues. If pirates persevere to the point where they are within 200 metre proximity of the ship, they may face other ship-based deterrence and defense systems.

Importantly, from the ship owners’ viewpoint, equipping a vessel with fixed, non-lethal countermeasures removes the regulatory hurdles and delays associated with bringing firearms aboard and into foreign ports.

WatchStander Enables Digital “Re-Enactment? of All Attacks

Immediately after WatchStander identifies an attacker, the system automatically begins to digitally record and archive all system data generated by the attack. This includes WatchStander’s radar imagery, threat tracking and related data, and a video recording of the attackers’ movements. Ship owners and officers can review this data after the attack, and use it as a learning tool to improve responses to future attacks. Any attack can be accurately recreated using WatchStander’s ability to automatically record all relevant data related to the attack.

How It Works