Long-range, high-resolution radar surveillance

Simrad radar

The system uses a state-of-the-art SIMRAD 4G solid state radar to detect vessels and objects within range. WatchStander evaluates everything that the radar detects, analyses those contacts to remove clutter and noise, and finally forms tracks on what remains. WatchStander maintains the estimated range, bearing, speed and heading of every track that is formed. But which tracks are small craft carrying potential pirates? Which are non-threatening fishermen or other seafarers?

In territories like the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, South China Sea and the Arabian Sea there are tens of thousands of vessels of all sizes going about their legitimate business: merchant vessels, ferries, passenger ships, commercial fishing boats and dhows.

The dilemma that Masters, security teams and navies constantly face is that, legally, unidentified strangers acting suspiciously in a small craft aren’t criminals until they’ve actually committed a crime. Of course, by the time the act of piracy has been committed, it’s too late to repel the attack.

WatchStander resolves this dilemma.

How It Works