G. Robert Toney

G. Robert Toney, Chairman - TCH Holdings Inc

G. Robert Toney is the founder of Toney Capital Holdings, a marine related holding company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Noted holdings include National Liquidators, the leading pleasure yacht recovery and remarketing firms in the nation; National Maritime Services a global leader in commercial vessel custody, arrest and government asset seizures and various other marine related companies.

Financial backing from Toney Capital Holdings has made it possible for WatchStander, a one-of-a-kind antipiracy and countermeasure system, to debut in the commercial shipping market.  The diversification into piracy was a watershed for TCH, as this was the group’s first investment in a start-up operation with no existing revenue stream.

Toney is an active speaker at conferences throughout the world involving vessel financing, international ship foreclosures and maritime legal matters. He also serves as an investor and board member of a south Florida community bank, and is on the board of the Port Everglades Association. He is a member of the Southeast Admiralty Law Institute and the Maritime Law Association.

Robert Toney, Chairman