Maritime Piracy

Maritime piracy is a huge problem that’s estimated to cost the global community $7 billion every year. Today's piracy hot spots include the High Risk Area (HRA) in the northern Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa, and various danger zones in Southeast Asia.

Piracy causes untold personal harm and suffering to those serving aboard attacked ships, while also threatening to paralyse large sections of the world economy.

The piracy problem is an immensely complex bundle of political, cultural, financial, legal, military, economic, social and commercial issues.

While WatchStander maritime security systems can't solve these problems, they can effectively deter, disrupt and degrade attacks against ships.


By using the most sophisticated, cost-effective, legal and non-lethal technologies.

WatchStander provides a critical breakthrough in helping to defend the global shipping industry, until the wider social and political problems are resolved.